1. What is the shelf life of the cordial cherries?

We guarantee our cordial cherries for 3 months at room temperature.

2. When will my order ship?

When temperatures are below 70 degrees, orders generally ship the following business day.  When temperatures are above 70 degrees, we will ship your order only on Tuesdays. 

3. When will me order arrive?

Shipments usually arrive 2 business days after they've been shipped if USPS Priority shipping is selected.  To GUARANTEE delivery in 2 business days, please select USPS Express shipping option.  You will receive an email confirmation with tracking information.

4. Can I place an order now and request a later delivery date?

Yes.  An "Instructions Text Box" will pop up when you add an item to your cart.  Simply message us the requested ship date.

5. How can I place a custom order for a special packaging or chocolate design?

Please call our shop during store hours at 402-679-3011.  You can also email melissa@thecordialcherry.com to discuss your idea.

6. Are the cordial cherries gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free?

While gluten and nuts is not an ingredient in any of our cordial cherries (except where indicated) our cordial cherries are made in an environment where gluten and nut products are made.  We try our best to avoid cross contamination of gluten and nuts, but cannot make any guarantees.

7. How can I place an order for in-store pick up?

Please call our shop during store hours at 402-679-3011.

8. What if I want to ship to multiple addresses?

Currently, you can place a single order online and ship to multiple addresses, but you will be limited to shipping a single item to each address.  We are working to make it possible to ship multiple items to different addresses.


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